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CS shade sails are made from the best quality flame retardant and UV resistant materials available and come with solid warranties. We construct the sails from either waterproof tensile fabric or non-waterproof knitted shade fabric. In either case the results are architecturally pleasing, highly durable and easily installed. 

We offer easy shipping around the Caribbean for those who wish to self-install. Easy installation and maintenance instructions are provided with every sail. Alternately we can send our technicians to handle the more technical installations.

Our waterproof tensile sails are commonly made from vinyl coated polyester materials with thermally welded seams and hems and fitted with stainless steel wire ropes around the perimeter with 316 grade stainless steel tensioning devices.

Non-waterproof shade sails are made from high density UV resistant knitted polyethylene fire retardant shade fabric, these sails are available in a wide variety of colors. We use the lifetime warrantied UV resistant PTFE thread to sew the sails together and guarantee long lasting performance.

The perfect solution:

  • Open areas 

  • Obstacle Free shading environment

  • Permanent Structures

Made with the strongest materials that make them:

  • Highly durable

  • Weather Proof

  • Lightweight and cost-effective

  • Made-to-measure



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