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Stylish fixed frame awnings can be tailormade in almost any shape and size to meet your needs for weather protection. Fixed frame awnings are typically made from galvanized steel or aluminum frames with a membrane stretched over the top. 

CS retractable awnings have what you're looking for. Providing on-demand solar protection, retractable awnings expand your home beyond its walls. With the touch of a button or turn of the crank, these awnings transform your deck, patio, or terrace into an attractive and comfortable expanded living space.

Our carports are custom built for residential or commercial applications. Designed as a the perfect, functional complement to your property. 



The SunStructure GENNIUS is a unique concept in retractable awning systems. The GENNIUS can stand up to the wind, protect you from the rain or sun, and keep you cool and comfortable in the brightest sunshine. It combines the beauty of a pergola, the flexibility of a retractable awning and the comfort of a room addition. The GENNIUS has the versatility of covering a small deck, a large patio, or an expansive pavilion.

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